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    Water Cooler Chat
    Featured Editorial about Team Building
    from the Power Search Executive Management Portal

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    Tea breaks, smoke breaks, chatting by the water cooler. Some companies monitor such "time wasting" with managers giving the evil eye or even telling offenders to return to work.

    But are such breaks really costing your company so much money that it's worth demotivating your staff by so obviously baby sitting them? Aren't they adults? Didn't you hire them? And if you hired them didn't you do so because you thought them mature enough and capable enough to do a professional job?

    The same companies whose managers act as playground minders are usually the ones that pay for expensive team building exercises.

    Frankly, this seems somewhat backwards to me. Your employees were trying to do their own team building at very little cost to you (a few minutes a day) and you told them not to. Now you're making them do some boring and embarrassing team building weekend which is costing the company a small fortune. And no one wants to go!

    Seems to me that people are pretty good at doing their own team building and they'd probably even let you join in if they didn't think you were only there to tell them off.

    So cancel the next trip to the zoo or attempt to build a ship out of foam blocks. Join the rank and file around the water cooler and have a good, old fashioned chat. Talk about car prices, football, shoes, kids, the new puppy, anything…. provided it's not work.