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    Occupational Health and Safety at Work
    Featured Editorial about Human Resources
    from the Power Search Executive Management Portal

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    When running a business, you need to know what the laws are regarding Occupational Safety and Health. Health and Safety law applies to all businesses, regardless of size, and covers both full and part-time employees.

    As an employer you have a duty to protect your employees and keep them informed about occupational safety. Your employee’s health, safety and welfare at work are protected by law.

    According to the OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), employees;
    • Have the right to notify both the OSHA and their employer about hazards in the workplace. The OSHA will keep your name confidential if you ask them to.
    • If you believe that your workplace conditions are unhealthful or unsafe, you have the right to contact the OSHA and request an inspection.
    • If as an employee you face discrimination or retaliation due to making a complaint regarding health and safety, you can file a complaint within 30 days to the OSHA.
    • If any workplace hazards have been cited your employer must correct these by the date indicated on the citation and this must also be certified.
    • This notice or poster must be posted in your workplace by your employer.
    • As an employee you must abide the OSH act in regards to all occupational health and safety standards pertaining to your conduct and actions on the job.
    An an employer;
    • You must ensure your employees are furnished with a place of employment free from recognized hazards.
    • You must abide by all the health and occupational safety standards issued under the OSH Act.
    • You must post the state or federal OSHA poster to ensure that you provide your employees with all the information on their health and safety rights.

    Guest article contributed by London Office Space