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    Power Search Executive Management Featured Editorials Management requires a variety of skill sets and experiences. A manager must have patience, an organised approach, sympathy and respect as well as be able to lead, persuade, sell, listen, delegate, co-ordinate, advise and decide. A manager must have many abilities and must know how to best use the abilities, experience and knowledge or those working under, around and even above him/her.

    In this section you will find a selection of featured editorials with advice, warnings, information and real life experiences on the many challenges faced by executives and those in managerial positions.

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    Business Resources
    Commercial Property Associations in the UK
    Team Building
    Planning The Office Party
    Water Cooler Chat
    Business Development
    Moving Up
    Corporate Events
    Caring for Delegates at a Seminar
    Conferences and Conventions
    How to Choose a Venue
    Human Resources
    Health and Safety at Work
    Occupational Health and Safety at Work
    Employee Relations
    Company Relocation Associations
    What a Difference a Lamp Makes
    Business Organizations
    The Benefits of Joining an Organization or Association
    Helping People to Contribute